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Show History

Since the mid-90s, a teacher and Camaro enthusiast named Ben Notaro had been organizing an all-Camaro show called the "East Coast Camaro Gathering" in Vineland, NJ.  In early 2005, word began to circulate that due to health reasons, Ben would not be able to hold his annual East Coast Camaro Gathering. Ben had built the Gathering into a much-anticipated, high-level Camaro event that drew a large number of Camaros from the Mid-Atlantic Region. This event raised money to support the South Jersey Camaro Scholarship Fund at Cumberland County College that Ben founded to help students studying in the field of technology pay for tuition. For more information on the South Jersey Camaro Scholarship Fund, click here.

After hearing this sad news, a small group of Camaro owners in Wilmington, DE decided to carry on the tradition that Ben started and re-locate his annual all-Camaro show to the Wilmington waterfront and continue to raise money to benefit the South Jersey Camaro Scholarship Fund at Cumberland County College. We approached Kahunaville who at the time was hosting large car shows and cruises every weekend. Kahunaville agreed to sponsor and host our event and as a result, the first "Riverfront Camaro Show" was held on June 5th, 2005. In the fall of 2006, Kahunaville closed its doors which caused the "Riverfront Camaro Show" to be homeless for a brief amount of time. Thankfully, we were able to relocate the show approx 1/8th mile down the street to the "Shipyard Shops" along the Wilmington Riverfront area with Timothy's Grill taking over as our restaurant sponsor.  And the rest is history.

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